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We’ve all known how important it is for a business to be present at the right place with the right product at the right time. So, in today’s scenario, if your customer uses the digital medium and you don’t, then that’s a lost opportunity. If you don’t meet your audience where they are present, your competitor will. Hence, having a cohesive digital strategy allows you to reach your target audience more effectively, using the platforms they prefer to spend their time on.

With the fast-changing digital landscape and changing consumer preferences and habits, one needs to make sure that there is enough research done and a robust strategy made. If not properly strategized, one could be present on the wrong platform with the wrong messaging altogether. Hence, a complete understanding of one’s industry and competition, understanding the Target Audience, their behaviour, way of living, what relates to them, and accordingly coming up with a plan to engage them at the right time with the right proposition is the way to go.


This is how Blue Caffeine will help you to Plan, Implement, and Optimize your digital presence:


Understanding the TG:

  • Culture, sub-culture, Lingo, and vibe Analysis
  • Values and Motivations Analysis
  • Consumer Insights Mining


  • Competition Mapping
  • Need Gap Analysis
  • USP Formulation

Digital Communications Strategy:

  • Website Creation and Management
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Digital Platform Strategy
  • Digital Roadmap/li>
  • Content and Creative Strategy
  • Tone of Voice and Visual Identity

Digital Experience Management:

  • CRM
  • Governance
  • Digital Promotions including SEM, PPC, Email Marketing, etc
  • Performance Management
  • Marketing Automation
  • KPIs and Analytics

Why Blue Caffeine?

  • Clean up database, upload and segment user data
  • Setup business account for you on Blue Caffeine’s email tool
  • Execute/ Schedule campaigns based on campaign calendar
  • Build campaign specific or time period based reports within our fully functional campaign management and reporting interface



Blue Caffeine is a data-driven, performance marketing agency that uses AI, Analytics and Automation to power digital brand strategy, communications and growth for its global clientele.
Blue Caffeine focuses heavily on the Real Estate, SaaS and Home Improvement markets.


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