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Optimize conversion rates of you landing pages through testing and data driven decision making KNOW MORE

Landing pages are a key component of any digital marketing effort, as every user you target on Search, Social Media, Email or any other channel will have to be led to a web page, where the user gets more information about your business and a desired user action is recorded. 

If your landing pages are not converting, then you are bleeding money as you pay for user clicks on your ads.

Why do you need to optimize Conversion rate on Landing Pages? (Example)

You are driving 100 users a day to your website or landing page by spending $100. Out of these 100 users

Scenario 1: conversion rate is 10%. No. of Conversions: 10,

cost per Conversion $10.00

Scenario 2: conversion rate is 15%. No of Conversions: 15,

Cost per Conversion $6.66

Scenario 3: conversion rate is 25%. No of Conversions: 25,

Cost per Conversion $4.00


Steps to optimize a landing page for Conversions?

  • Deploy click tracking, analytics and A/B testing tools on the page
  • Create landing page versions with test parameters
  • Repeat all the above with new tests
  • Create landing page with best practice Ux guidelines (Responsive, Relevant, Trust Indicators, Reviews and Form placement)
  • Pick winning landing page from data collected by tracking tools

Research and Planning

  • Understand user journey and funnel flow
  • Define objectives for landing page
  • Setup Ux guidelines and best practices document
  • Create landing page test components (Headlines, Call to action text, buttons, layouts, offers, Trust indicators etc)
  • Conduct competitor landing page research and build insights


  • Setup Web analytics, Click mapping and any analytics tools
  • Setup success metrics and KPIs to measure
  • Deploy Split Test or MVT testing tool like Google Optimize


  • Build hypotheses to test different variations
  • Build a test list/calendar based on estimated traffic
  • Prioritize tests based on estimate revenue impact or ROI impact
  • Create test Variations and deploy them on the testing tol
  • Execute/Schedule tests and record results

Validation and incorporation

  • Validate successful tests with business/sales team
  • Understand the real insight and incorporate as a non testing component
  • Move on to other tests

Why Blue Caffeine?

  • Clean up database, upload and segment user data
  • Setup business account for you on Blue Caffeine’s email tool
  • Execute/ Schedule campaigns based on campaign calendar
  • Build campaign specific or time period based reports within our fully functional campaign management and reporting interface



Blue Caffeine is a data-driven, performance marketing agency that uses AI, Analytics and Automation to power digital brand strategy, communications and growth for its global clientele.
Blue Caffeine focuses heavily on the Real Estate, SaaS and Home Improvement markets.


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