Digital Marketing strategy for a social customer experience company

LiveWorld is a Social Customer Experience company helping companies improve their customer experience by managing conversations in messaging apps and social media to develop deeper relationships with customers
Problem Statement
LiveWorld was seeking a digital marketing partner to take over their PPC and SEO operations, optimize the overall health of the account and bring in measurable results.
We suspected that the reason behind low-quality impressions could be because of various factors such as negative search terms, irrelevant keywords, and no landing page. Hence, we conducted the following steps:
We began with a detailed PPC audit, we examined the account structure, metrics, and ad copies. Upon reviewing the ad account, we discovered that they lacked the level of optimization required to compete in such a highly competitive market.
Keyword Research:
As the main problem was getting irrelevant impressions, we decided to do conduct extensive keyword research, came up with a lot of ad groups and then came up with ad copies that mirrored the users’ intent
Landing Page:
On the basis of each ad group we suggested a unique landing page flow for each page according to the user intent.
Our main aim was to start driving traffic as soon as possible and improve the ROI of the campaign by targeting the keywords to the right intent users. Within 5 to 6 weeks, we were able to achieve the following results:
CTR increased from 1.90%
Conversion Rate increased from 2.33%
Overall keyword click-through