LiveWorld Case Study

Digital Marketing strategy for a social customer experience company

Company Background

LiveWorld is a Social Customer Experience company helping companies improve their customer experience by managing conversations in messaging apps and social media to develop deeper relationships with customers

Problem Statement

LiveWorld was seeking a digital marketing partner to take over their PPC and SEO operations, optimize the overall health of the account and bring in measurable results.


The first step was to conduct a comprehensive audit to identify opportunities and problem areas from both an SEO and a PPC point of view. Once that was done we formulated an overall strategy to optimize the website and also improve paid marketing results. The SEO strategy included migrating to a secure HTTPS protocol and also optimizing key SEO elements on the website. When it came to PPC, we devised a 3 phase AdWords strategy to enhance account health & performance. We also devised a KPI framework, measurement framework and conducted attribution analysis to understand channel level metrics. This helped attribute conversions to specific channels and report the number of conversions each channel assisted and completed and provided a better marketing view to LiveWorld


  • Built User persona level marketing dashboards for the marketing team
  • Fixed conversion and lead attribution inconsistencies
  • Helped Liveworld Team successfully reposition their product and service lines and build channel level strategies
  • Improved user segmentation using website analytics


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Digital Marketing strategy for a social customer experience company

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