Email marketing for a Fintech audience that improved app user engagement

The StockSnips app is a real-time news sentiment app that uses machine learning techniques to analyze news about public companies listed on Nasdaq and NYSE.
Problem Statement
Having run their email campaigns in-house, they found it expensive and inefficient in terms of open rates and CTRs. They approached us to scale their email marketing program while eliminating the existing problems.
We suspected that the reason behind low-quality impressions could be because of various factors such as negative search terms, irrelevant keywords, and no landing page. Hence, we conducted the following steps:
We crafted mobile-optimized email templates based on past user behavior to address StockSnips users across their user journey at multiple touchpoints.
We helped them clean their Email Service Provider Database to remove discrepancies and improve the efficiency of the broadcast campaigns.
Using RPA, we created an automated daily email campaign that sends StockSnips users alerts regarding the trends in the market.
We achieved the following results in 6 weeks.
Automation helped save time and effort
10% increase in-app engagement.
Open rates of the email campaigns as high as 50%