StockSnips Case Study

Email marketing for a Fintech audience that improved app user engagement

Company Background

The StockSnips app is a real time news sentiment app which crawls, aggregates and analyzes news related to public companies listed on Nasdaq and NYSE. The app leverages machine learning and big text analytics to classify and attach sentiment to news snippets that are relevant to a company’s performance

Problem Statement

StockSnips was initially running their email campaigns in-house and they needed help on scaling the campaigns for their growing customer base. Running campaigns in house was proving to be expensive and the open and click throughs were not as good as they liked it to be. This was when StockSnips decided to look for an agency and Blue Caffeine stepped in to cater to their needs.


Create email templates – This was the first order of business and they would reach the StockSnip’s user base at various touch points in their journey. Templates were built based on StockSnip’s preferences for each touch point starting with the Welcome email to the How to’s and other emails. We also actively suggested ideas based on past user behavior and designed templates which maximized user interaction and increased app engagement. The templates were always mobile optimized and tested on various mobile devices so that the users had the best experience on their devices.

A database cleanup was also done since there was a discrepancy in the number of contacts on the ESP and the list that StockSnips had provided. Once this was fixed, we started sending broadcast emails to the whole customer base.

Daily campaigns – This was another important campaign that Blue Caffeine started for StockSnips which provides users with information on daily stock trends. The timing and execution of these campaigns was crucial as users had to view the trends before they made their investment decisions. The template had to be created with the data that is generated on an everyday basis and the campaign was to be launched within 30 minutes of the generation of data. It was a difficult task to complete within the stipulated time and we scripted an RPA(Robotic Process Automation) which automated the whole process and generated the template in a matter of seconds once the data was fed into it.


  • Automation helped save time and effort
  • 10% increase in app engagement.
  • Open rates of the email campaigns as high as 50%


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