SEO Audit Case Study

Customized SEO Audit for a prospective client of a creative agency


A leading creative agency was pitching to a mid-sized B2B manufacturing company.

Problem Statement

They were looking for someone to take care of the digital marketing aspect of the pitch and that’s where we stepped in. The requirement was to do a quick, thorough and customized SEO audit unlike the typical audits done utilizing website audit tools.


A 65 point SEO audit was conducted to assess the health of the website and to ensure that the site is optimized for search visibility. The audit covered various technical aspects of the website like discoverability, content review, site versions, URL structures, site speed, HTTP vs HTTPS protocol, WWW vs non-WWW domain names, metadata, URL structures & descriptions, content duplication, indexation, mobile responsiveness etc.

Keyword research was done next to understand the manufacturing space and user needs. This gave a better outlook to information architecture of the website

Competitor’s website content and information architecture was then evaluated to identify shortcomings and opportunities in the client’s website.

Recommendations and fixes were prioritized in order of severity and quick wins were highlighted.


  • With the comprehensive audit report and the list of quick wins, the creative agency won the pitch.
  • Clear execution road map which seamlessly plugged into the agency engagement strategy


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Customized SEO Audit for a prospective client of a creative agency

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