Customized SEO Audit for a prospective client of a creative agency

A leading creative agency was pitching to a mid-sized B2B manufacturing company.
Problem Statement
The agency required us to do the digital marketing analysis of the B2B company to complete their pitch. They needed it to be highly customized, executable, and detailed.
We conducted the three following audits:
A 65 point SEO audit was done covering some of the technical assessments like site discoverability, indexation, mobile responsiveness etc.
Keyword Research:
This was done to understand the manufacturing space and user needs to get a better outlook of the information architecture of the website.
Competitor Analysis:
We also performed competitor analysis to evaluate their website content and information architecture to report on their shortcomings.
The creative agency won the pitch with the help of our comprehensive SEO audit reports and clear execution roadmap that seamlessly fit into their engagement strategy. We prioritized our recommendations in order of severity and quick wins.
CTR increased from 1.90%
Conversion Rate increased from 2.33%
Overall keyword click-through