Acute targeting on Facebook using custom audiences

Background introduced their Objectives & Key Results (OKR) solution in 2018 to empower businesses in becoming metrics-driven and objective-focused organizations. was founded by a group of entrepreneurs and engineers who were well-versed in the subject of OKRs.
Problem Statement ran their Google Ads campaign to increase their brand awareness and generate sales and qualified leads, but they had a high bounce rate due to irrelevant impressions and conversions.
During our initial research, we found weak points around their keywords strategy and non-performing landing pages. So, we conducted the following three audits.
We analyzed their account structure, ad copies, metrics and found that they lacked the level of optimization to compete in such a highly competitive market.
Keyword Research:
During the audit, we found that the account received a lot of irrelevant impressions. We addressed this by creating multiple ad groups and ad copies that better reflected the user’s intent.
Landing Page:
We suggested a unique landing page flow for each page based on each ad group.
We improved the ROI of the campaign and achieved the following results in 6 weeks.
CTR increased from 1.90%
Conversion Rate increased from 2.33%
Overall keyword click-through