Converge Point Case Study

Bidding on non-branded keywords that you already rank for

Company Background

ConvergePoint are leaders in regulatory compliance solutions on Microsoft SharePoint. They began as a custom consulting service provider for business processes on SharePoint and later recognized that their client’s biggest need was in the development of automated compliance solutions.

Problem Statement

ConvergePoint had invested in their SEO and they were already ranking very high in terms of organic traffic. They wanted to scale their sales team and hence decided to start paid advertising to increase leads for sales personnel


The first step was to analyse organic traffic, identify the key success factors and implement the same in AdWords. As they were ranking very high on SharePoint related keywords, ConvergePoint decided to use non SharePoint keywords for paid advertising, but the results showed a dismal 1.90% CTR and a conversion rate as low at 2.33%.

Blue Caffeine then decided to setup an analytics program to understand the business impact of SEO  and identify opportunity areas that can be leveraged using PPC. This helped us identify high ranking but low organic CTR keywords. As a byproduct we also identified keywords that are contributing to the click in organic and the organic CTR was at 7.75%, So we hypothesized using these keywords will augment organic search CTR as well as perform well for AdWords there by driving highly relevant traffic and capture user that are not clicking on organic results


  • CTR increased from 1.90% to 4.99%
  • Conversion Rate increased from 2.33% to 5.64%


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