Bidding on non-branded keywords that you already rank for

ConvergePoint is a market leader in Microsoft SharePoint regulatory compliance solutions. They began as a bespoke consulting service provider for business processes on SharePoint, but they soon realized that their clients’ greatest need was for the creation of automated compliance solutions.
Problem Statement
ConvergePoint had very good organic traffic. They wanted to have a paid marketing strategy that would help them to scale their sales team by providing more leads.
We suspected that the reason behind low-quality impressions could be because of various factors such as negative search terms, irrelevant keywords, and no landing page. Hence, we conducted the following steps:
When ConvergePoint tried to implement a complementary paid advertising strategy by targeting non-Sharepoint AdWords as opposed to their organic traffic, they received a low CTR and CR of 1.90% and 2.33% respectively.
By setting up an analytics program, we found high-ranking but low organic CTR keywords that can be used for PPC.
We hypothesized and augmented these keywords with high-performing organic words having a 7.75% CTR to capture highly relevant traffic that is not clicking on the organic results.
Our main aim was to start driving traffic as soon as possible and improve the ROI of the campaign by targeting the keywords to the right intent users. Within 5 to 6 weeks, we were able to achieve the following results:
CTR increased from 1.90% to 4.99%
Conversion Rate increased from 2.33%
The conversion rate increased from 2.33% to 5.64%