How a three-phase strategy helped improve AdWords performance



A customer service software and services company was looking to improve cost effectiveness of their AdWords campaigns

Problem Statement

The AdWords account had been running campaigns for a while with no clear path to optimize and the campaigns KPIs are sub par


We recommended a three point strategy to fix the account in phases instead of trying to optimize individual campaigns and plugging each hole by hand.

Phase 1: Reduce Wastage and Optimize Cost Based on existing keywords and search term report we determined low intent high spending keywords that are not bringing in relevant users. We conducted a parallel keyword analysis for high intent keywords using our in-house tool and Keyword Planner. The AdWords account was then restructured to build a keyword group view of the campaign and toggle ad groups based on relevance and spend. Costs were optimized for LiveWorld since we were able to plug wastage by continually adding negative keywords and pausing low-performing keywords. We took a conscious decisions to remove broad match modifier keywords even sacrificing some relevant clicks

Phase 2: Improve Performance KPIs Key performance indicators (KPIs) such as CTRs, Impression Share and Relative CTRs improved by, having a minimum of 5 ads per ad group, adding ad extensions, bid optimization at device level, location level and demographic level. Ensuring consistent CTRs has been the objective for this phase

Phase 3: Improve Business KPIsThe third phase included improving business KPIs such as Conversions and Cost Per Conversion. The objective was to get highly relevant users to the landing page. By click wise monitoring of search terms we maintained 92% relevant search terms for all campaigns. By using heatmap analytics modified the landing pages aimed to keep user focus on the form and hence improve conversion rates


  • Overall Account Health Improved
  • Average CTR increased from 2.9% to 5.6%
  • Search Terms Relevance increased from 65% to 90%

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